Monday, December 14, 2009

The Internet

Who is in charge of the Internet? Or, in the words of Bush, the Internets? In the words of Truman, where does the buck stop? A girl gets kidnapped because she posted the exact time and location of her tap dance lessons. Who is to blame? Myspace? Or the "Internet"? What is the Internet?... I would like to know.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Facebook Status Etiquette

Do you ever just want to comment on what people you don't even know write on your friends' Facebook walls? Or what these people comment on your friends' photos? Because seriously, when someone writes a wall post that just says "lolz ok" I just want to say, "REALLY?! WAS THAT EVEN NECESSARY TO POST ON SOMEONE'S WALL? I think I just got smarter from reading that." But I don't because you know, it's not nice to be mean to strangers, even in cyberspace.

It's even more annoying when your actual Facebook friends do this. You just think to yourself, how could I possibly allow myself to be friends with people who become fans of pages such as "I hate it when teachers give pop quizes." Well, first of all, maybe if you listened in class you would learn how to spell "quizzes" correctly.

I also hate it when people make their smilies like this (: instead of like this :) and when people feel like they need to give a constant play-by-play of their daily lives via status. "hanging wit the girlz then goin to the movies then hot tubbin it up then watchin gossip girl.. callortexttitt:)"

No one cares. Be original.

I think that's it, for now. Everyone should download the song "According to You" by Orianthi because it's catchy.

Good day.


PS- Snow days > bacon