Saturday, March 21, 2009

A watched pot never boils.

Whoever thought of this saying was a stupid genius. Redundant? Possibly. Because yes, it may seem like the pot takes longer to boil when you are not preoccupied with other things such as tv, homework, internet porn.. but it still takes the same amount of time. It will eventually boil. It will. Unless the stove isn't on.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ordering Eggs

Legit question: Does anyone really know how to order eggs at a restaurant? Because I always order scrambled. And tonight I was making eggs for my supper and I realized that I don't scramble my eggs when I make them myself. So then I realized that I know nothing about the incredible edible egg, and I know everything, so this was a shock. I just had to know more!

I then proceeded to google this inquiry, and came up with some interesting schtuff. Apparently according to some internet idiot there are 21 ways to order an egg but they did not inform me of these ways so I just collected some random ones. Obviously there is scrambled and sunny side up which sounds utterly gross and runny. There are hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs, and then there are poached and eggs in the form of an omelet. THEN there are over-easy, over-medium, and over-well, which is kind of like ordering a steak but instead of the amount of redness it's the amount of runniness, and I'm proud to say I make mine over-well! (For Cari: vändstekta ägg med pickad gula!!) Obviously over-well is much easier to say.

But I am just so excited I know this now! New days are always full of new random facts to explore!

So the next time I go to IHOP I am going to be a pro and say "Excuxez-moi, but I would NOT like my eggs scrambled. I would like them over-well!!" (note the French accent referring to previous post)

Hopefully all you loyal readers can find your dream eggs too!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Accents: A Brief Overview

I find it humorous how an accent can make something sound cooler. Or make YOU cooler as a person. Really. It's true. But there are certain accents that are cooler than others.. 
-British accents = the epitome of cool. Really, if you're a guy with a British accent and add "bloody" in front of everything you say, then you are at the top of my cool list. You could be a crazy anime-addict with like 70 piercings around your lips and you would still be neat. Girls with British accents can sometimes seem snobby at times.. but really they are the coolest at heart. This is why I often try to impersonate British people. I want to be on someone's cool list too!
-French accents = not quite as cool as those Brits but still quite snazzy. However, I find it funny that it is so freaking hard for French people to talk English.. if an American tries to talk French and like epically fails they sound retarded. But if a French person epically fails at talking English then they are.. chipper? I don't know. But ven eh guy talks like zis eet eez quite fantastique! (Girls on the other hand.. still sound like snobs. But I'm sure if you'd get to know them they'd be decent.)
-Australian accents = Steve Irwin revival. Kind of cute at first, more annoying as time progresses. It's actually more annoying in guys.
-Swedish accents = awesome, but maybe I'm biased.
-Nigerian accents = weird.

So.. yeah!