Monday, January 19, 2009

Naming body wash, and other unnecessary random facts

Here is a dang good question:
Why do perfume, shower gel, lotion, etc. companies always have to name their freaking products after things that don't freaking make sense? This I do not understand. Like okay, yesterday my mom bought some shower gel at Bath and Body Works. She was actually in the store and called me to see what scents I wanted. I was like, "Um, I don't know, what do they have?" So she started reading me the titles of every single freaking thing on the sale rack and the only one that made sense to me was cucumber melon, not even kidding. I was like umm is it necessary for corporate America to be messing with my head like this? NO. No it is not. So of course I pick three random scents. Something amethyst, sea island cotton, and dancing waters. Do any of those scents make sense to you? For one, amethyst is a gem. February's birthstone, actually. So does that really have a scent? No. OH WAIT, I know, the hard work and sweat of the people who mine it out of the ground! But it actually smelled pretty dang good. And sea island cotton? What does cotton smell like? Nothing, that's what! Yet this shower gel miraculously has quite an addictive scent... and dancing waters, that cracks me up. Because seriously, if I really wanted to smell like water, I think I would just take a shower WITHOUT shower gel. Duh, Bath and Body Works. Duh. 

Arch nemesis:

So Kristina and I are supposed to be working on a 30-minute sociology presentation right now. Ummm. Yeah. I think I'm just going to post some random facts instead. We've had quite an eventful morning anyways, researching the Watergate Scandal and all. First of all, what kind of a last name is Nixon? For real, I find that name annoying. 

So here come the random facts (all from a bathroom reader! ha)
• The scientific name for a hiccup is a singulthus. *hic* "Oh sorry, I'm singulthusing."
• Nissan (the car company) invented the artificial butt to test car seats.
• Time is actually getting shorter. 280 million years ago, a year lasted 390 days.
• Alaska's state flower is the forget-me-not! (EASY TO REMEMBER! ha)
• New Jersey is the only state without a state song.
• Each of the Statue of Liberty's fingernails weight about 100 pounds.. 
• The average smell weighs 760 nanograms.
• Winchester, Virginia, was captured 84 times during the Civil War.

Good ways to annoy people:
• Call an addiction hotline and say you're hooked on phonics.
• Ask a stranger if he/she has change for a nickel.

I'm out.

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Ronnica said...

Amanda sent me over, so I had to check ya out. While "dancing waters" may not make sense (hehe), it does allow them to trademark the name. Branding's the name of the game.