Thursday, July 30, 2009

Subtitles and Bathroom Stalls

Have you ever watched a movie and decided to turn the subtitles on? The results may be shocking. Like really, how hard is it for someone to watch the movie and type up what the people on the screen are saying. Not that hard. But for some reason, every movie I have ever seen the subtitle-typer-person seems to fail. I don't think they realize they're gonna cause some legitimate lip readers a hell of a lot of confusion.

And I think they should have a new law saying that every bathroom in stores, restaurants, whatever needs to have three stalls. If it's just a bathroom with one room, obviously if you're taking a while the people outside are going to get frustrated. If it is a bathroom with two stalls, if one person is taking forever the line is actually only moving through one of the stalls, so that's embarrassing too. No, what every bathroom needs is three stalls. That way, no one is awkward, and everyone is happy!

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