Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top four reasons why I am cool

These aren't really the top four reasons why I am cool. It's basically just four reasons why I dislike people. Which makes me cool.

1) Why do music teachers love playing tests? I don't understand... like you really need to make the kids slave away and stress out over a GarageBand recording. Oh wait, MY BAD, Microsoft Word. ESPECIALLY WHEN MY MICROPHONE IS BROKEN. They must not have anything better to do. I would suggest that during their free time, they could maybe look up some cooler music instead of grading unnecessary playing tests. No one cares.

2) I pwn at scholars' bowl. Balsa > PFTK's.

3) People having PDA at school is simply annoying. Like really. Your facial area does not need to be plastered against someone of the opposite gender's neck. (Or of the same gender - whatever floats your boat.)

4) When I'm a parent, I will be amazing. That is all I'm going to say since my mom Internet stalks me.

Good day.

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