Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Accents: A Brief Overview

I find it humorous how an accent can make something sound cooler. Or make YOU cooler as a person. Really. It's true. But there are certain accents that are cooler than others.. 
-British accents = the epitome of cool. Really, if you're a guy with a British accent and add "bloody" in front of everything you say, then you are at the top of my cool list. You could be a crazy anime-addict with like 70 piercings around your lips and you would still be neat. Girls with British accents can sometimes seem snobby at times.. but really they are the coolest at heart. This is why I often try to impersonate British people. I want to be on someone's cool list too!
-French accents = not quite as cool as those Brits but still quite snazzy. However, I find it funny that it is so freaking hard for French people to talk English.. if an American tries to talk French and like epically fails they sound retarded. But if a French person epically fails at talking English then they are.. chipper? I don't know. But ven eh guy talks like zis eet eez quite fantastique! (Girls on the other hand.. still sound like snobs. But I'm sure if you'd get to know them they'd be decent.)
-Australian accents = Steve Irwin revival. Kind of cute at first, more annoying as time progresses. It's actually more annoying in guys.
-Swedish accents = awesome, but maybe I'm biased.
-Nigerian accents = weird.

So.. yeah!

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