Monday, March 29, 2010

Some things I think about while I avoid being productive. (STITAWIABP)

Wouldn't it be amazing to invent something totally unheard of? I can't think of an example right now obviously because I'm not an inventor or even nearly that creative, but really. Imagine coming up with the wheel if you had never heard of anything like that before. There was a time before cars! Cameras! Microphones! Radios! FOOD PROCESSORS! Imagine what kinds of revolutionary and innovative ideas will come around in the next 5 years, 10 years, 50 years of our lives. It's exciting. Imagine how cars will change, how music will change, how the houses we live in will change. A house built tomorrow will be old in 100 years.

I always hear older people complain about how things just aren't how they used to be. Kids aren't as polite as they used to be and everything we own comes from China. Will we be able to look back and say things aren't like they used to be? I remember when I had to drive to school instead of being teleported through the fourth dimension via hot pink holographic moped.

What are people? Why are we comfortable around certain people but completely afraid of others? What makes certain people more worthy in society than others? Why does Lil Wayne make more money than teachers? How can we put so much emphasis on creatures that are exactly that same as us? What would it be like if we didn't have countries or different languages or cultural differences?

Why are cuss words bad? Who decided that certain words are bad?

Why do people worry so much about being politically correct? Shouldn't we worry more about being honest and not beating around the bush?

What is friendship? What is anger? What is love? What is laughing? What is art?

WHY DO I HAVE TO DO HOMEWORK IF I DON'T WANT TO? I'm serious. I want to learn what I want to learn. Why do we learn about so much pointless stuff in school and waste our time watching movies when we could be learning useful things like what a tax deductible is. I had to ask my mom to explain it to me after I saw an H&R Block commercial. 18-year-olds should not have to ask about this stuff when they have gone to school five days a week for the past 13 years of their lives. The sad part is I still know more than some people.

Ughhhhhhh so much I want to know and only a lifetime to figure it out. I guess I'm naturally inquisitive.

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Copper Kid said...

Super great writing, I think I might steal that acronym and attempt to incorporate it into everyday life.
My CAPTCHA word was: Quati

wtf is that?