Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A post dedicated to my friend Kevin

I'm sure all of you, my loyal readers, are wondering what happened to me over the past two months. Well let me tell you. I think I've only done laundry four times. I also almost got kidnapped from a train station by a creeper guy and I found out it's commonplace for girls to get raped at that train station. (Yeah, I better STAY THE HECK AWAY.) I also learned some German. The first month was spent at a language camp in HEDERSLEBEN, where I met my best friends in the whole world besides my best friends in America, so more like my best friends in this half of the world. Even though they are also American. Like right, I think Germany is in the eastern hemisphere? And these two people go by the names of Kathryn and Kevin. I can't think of anything to say about Kathryn at this moment. So I will write about Kevin. Let you in on my life a little since I have neglected to do so thus far.

Kevin is cool. We didn't even talk for like the first two weeks I was at camp and then one day we were dumping (really good) food off of our plates and he told me he liked my butt. ? Then I found out he likes boys. A lot. But nevertheless we remained inseparable. Kevin is from California and speaks fluent French. He spent a year in Belgium and is going there next week but alas, I cannot come along. Kevin is a really good dancer. He sweats a lot when he dances but it's okay. He likes coffee in the afternoon and long walks on the beach and hanging out with old guys named Gerd. But don't we all....

This past month has been difficult without Kevin always making ridiculous comments about me. I have been forced to meet actual Germans. Which has been nice. But this weekend will be epic as Kevin and I will be reunited. Then he can teach me about all of his scientific security systems and Gollum.

I don't really know if anybody found this post interesting. But I sure do. Here are some fotoz 4 ur viewing pleazure.

^ ^
That's Kevin at language camp. He didn't really learn much German.

^ ^
Kevin and me, being cool cats

^ ^
Kevin really likes polka dot umbrellas. And girls. This photo was taken in Halberstadt. Time of my life. They didn't have good peaches there. I wonder how many times I can lie in a photo caption. No times, that's how many.

^ ^
I randomly got this off of Facebook! Isn't he a cutie? Yeah. I would say so. I think one day we might even be godparents to Kathryn's babies... but we're spontaneous and don't like to plan ahead for these things.

^ ^
Hahahah I like Facebook creeping. And I like Kevin. The end.

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