Saturday, November 1, 2008

hit me with your best shot.

Considering daylight savings time starts tonight, or tomorrow at 2 am or whatever the government has conspired to decide, I don't feel too bad about sitting here wasting precious sleep hours on the internet. My family is deserting me tomorrow to attend some volleyball tournament to support breast cancer research (go pink), so I'll have the majority of the day to get some schtuff done. And considering two of my best friends decided to take a little trip to Florida this weekend I've been awkward and in a way inept without them so I decided hey, why not spontaneously start a blog. To enlighten. It's what I do best.

It's weird how you can totally become someone else by either a) being around them enough, or b) dressing like them. Fo serious, last night was halloween and I dresssed up like madonna and I genuinely had to like refrain from busting out in a like a virgin revival. Despite that, I was incredibly impressed with my (mom's) ability to pull together a costume for like 5 bucks in a couple hours. Totally got this gaudy jewelry and some old fugly prom dress secondhand that katie and I cut and paired with this insanely shoulder-padded blazer. Oh, and my makeshift lace hand things that I cut off the bottom of some ancient leggings. Yeah.. I was impressed for not giving in to profit-oriented commerical halloween trends. *pats back*

So today. Watched some totally tricked out guitar hero III skillz. Hence the title. Actually it was all like easy-mediumish but whatev man, it was Emily's surprise birthday so grattis, feliz cumpleaños, zum geburtstag viel glück and all that jazz.

So to totally revert to the first paragraph, if daylight savings time starts at 2 am, that means that the eastern time zone will be on the same time as the central time zone for one hour (1-2 am.) Which means florida will have the same time as here. Well I guess that would work for like all adjacent time zones. (Is that right? Do you call time zones adjacent?) Hmmm. While we're on the topic of time zones, an interesting fact most people probably don't know is that different countries change different weeks. Because for the past two weeks or so, calling nuestra familia in Stockholm was off because it's usually a 7-hour difference and it was only a 6-hour difference. Not that any one has read this far or cares.

Anyways. I'm tired and just realized I didn't wash my eye makeup off so I have this gunky purple mascara still on from the KSU-KU game.

meh life.


» Sometimes I need what only you can provide: your absence.
- Ashleigh Brilliant

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