Thursday, November 13, 2008


Funny picture, right?

Never knew people could get so angry when the blog goes unupdated. SORRY that I have been forced every night of my life to attend musical practice. Sorry, okay. It's bad enough that I already knew every word to every song but now I know every dance move and every line. And I don't even like it. However, I must say that I am pretty impressed, so if you're into the whole Rodger's and Hammerstein's thing (which I am not) you should go.

So I guess I'm a nerd but I just looked up writing prompts online so I've decided to write about what I enjoy about autumn.

Even though I don't always like the cold weather because sometimes my armpits sweat, autumn has its high points, as do most other seasons. Even though I love wearing sundresses in the summer, I love cardigans and big scarves, too! And cute coats! AND BOOTS! I also like drinking warm drinks that are approximately 90 cents at Kaps, and you know what, during the summer that just doesn't fly. I also love the way the cold air feels on your cheeks and makes them rosy red! I save so much money on blush!

Okay yeah that sounded really retarded and I probably won't do a writing prompt for a while.

Do you ever remember when you were little and you thought the Internet was like the most fascinating thing? I was just talking about this with Alyssa and Kirsten, and like how the old Windows 95 browsers and crap would go to the closest website if you typed in something incorrectly. Seriously. A little 5-year-old who just wants to look for pictures of Punky Brewster does not deserve to end up on a porn site!

But if you're bored, go to Not much there. And don't go to It's like a porn site.

Kay thanks! sara

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