Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A night of opinions!

Mkay so, if you don't know me and you just kind of randomly came across this blog, you should probably know that I dislike people in general. I just don't understand how they think a lot of the time or why they do the stuff they do. The election is over people. You can't change who won so just stop complaining. Honestly, I really didn't support either candidate (like I said earlier) but I think that our current place in the world could benefit a lot from liberal views. Most of Europe is pretty liberal. Talking to my friends in Sweden and Germany, they really hated Bush and thought that we should go liberal. If conservative politics has put a bad taste in people's mouths, then why NOT change? Something obviously is not going right. We might as well try something new! And growing up in a house with an incredibly conservative dad and a loud, liberal mother, I kind of get both sides of the picture. The majority of my friends are conservative, and I know that a major issue for them is the new tax that will come on ammo. Ummm so I'm pretty sure that we're like one of the only countries that shoots animals for fun? Maybe it's time to find a new hobby! I think a lot of people are just afraid of change. I'm not saying that Obama is like the greatest person to walk to planet, but I think he can bring about a lot of good things for our country. But who really cares. It's just politics.

That was my two cents.

Quoting Katie: "Just shoot me so I can get some rest in my life, because I'm not going to ever again."



Ryan Reed said...

Hmmm...well I'm one of Sara's conservative friends, at least I think I'm her friend...maybe not, oh well, anyways, Sara, I think you're crazy, but that's just me, we'll have to talk some time...debate I guess is a better word.


Sara:) said...

Hi conservative friend, it's a date.