Sunday, November 9, 2008

P-p-p-pixos, pixos

(The title has nothing to do with this post besides the picture at the end and is there solely due to the fact that the commercials have an annoying jingle that's now stuck in my head.)

Well, loyal reader, I just spontaneously decided that "babushka" would be the random word of the day because a) I think it sounds freakin funny and b) I never knew what it meant until I just looked it up. (from

1. a woman's scarf, often triangular, used as a hood with two of the ends tied under the chin
2. an elderly Russian woman, esp. an elderly grandmother


So right now I'm bored, probably should be reading my book report book but ya know, maybe I just don't want to subject myself to that kind of literary knowledge. So I'm gonna pass for today. Plus, sisterhood of the traveling pants is on tv and it's the really sad part where the little blonde girl dies from cancer and I just want to cry because the people on the movie are crying and it's so dramatic and ahhh.

Last night was spiffy, went to help at the historical society dinner at elim to help raise money for our trip to new orleans. I don't think I've ever had that many people get mad at me for serving decaf coffee. Mkay you're like what, 85 years old? Are your tastes buds still really that intact that you care enough to make me feel incapable of realizing that yes, maybe decaf is not what you want, but that's what they freaking gave me so please, take a chill pill and thank the Lord that I am not shoving caffeine down your throat so that you might live another year. So anyways after that I went to Cari's with Katie and got to listen to her dad talk about his fascinating day at the race tracks in KC, of course with a VHS tape and professional photographs to visually enhance my mental illustration. :P Then I played with a yoga ball and watched a really dumb movie called Daredevil with Jennifer Garner and a very bald Colin Ferrell. Yeah I didn't like it. Then I realized hey, I left my purse at the church so thankfully some lovely folks were there to help me retrieve it. Then I drove home. Then I went to bed. Then I went to church. Played a diddy. Ate some soup. Now I'm going to dance. Then I'm going to eat a bunch of food. 

Wow I totally dug that paragraph structure.


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